January 25, 2017

WRT Construções Lda

What we do

At WRT Construções we specialize in three major services,

  • Fabrication of steel construction and assembly to site requirements.
  • Fabrication and installing of special industrial Roofing (Self Support Roof System).
  • Treatment of steel surfaces against corrosion such as Sandblasting, Metallization and Painting.




Zimpeto Shopping centre, Maputo

We were contracted to fabricate and mount on site a 150 Tons of steel structure to
cover over 8,500m². This project was done in schedule as per client’s request, within
budget and zero incidents.




We Manufacture and assemble our very own “Autoportante” (Self supporting roof system). This advantage is very popular among engineers and architects, it
gives our clients a more economical and secure roofing solution in the industrial sector. The
roof system allows to cover a maximum span of 30 meters without any trusses or extra steel
support needed in the centre, allowing to construct an easy, quick and safe industrial roof.


JN 130 Residence and office, Maputo

We were fortunate to have received a contract like this, it was a chance to prove the quality
of service we can achieve. 5 star Building residence JN 130 required great quality craftsman-
ship & patience in fabricating handrails & other like structures that had to meet strict quality
measurements under a great amount of pressure.




Bending of Steel

Manufacturing process that bends sheet metal into V – shapes and U – shapes or channels shapes. Defined by press braking. Bending capacity covers from 1mm to 6mm – Section lengths up to 3M 

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Sandblasting is an treatment to remove all surface contaminates to clean & smooth out the
surface of steel. Sandblasting is regularly required before painting, especially when building
with steel in a high corrosive areas. To meet safety regulations our sandblasting is carefully
controlled, using an alternate air supply, protective wear, and proper ventilation.



Zinc Metallization

Metallization spray is a treatment for protecting steel against corrosion, both in atmosphere and when Immersed in either fresh or salt water. Flame sprayed zinc coatings is 99.9% pure and much purer than those appalled by hot dip galvanizing.

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On call specialist

We send our trained specialists to assist you with your project. With
our vast experience and goal orientated approach , you’ll love to have us on your team.


Why use us ?

  • Safety First! At WRT Construcoes we follow strict rules when it comes to health and safety, and all workers are regularly trained and certified to work in all areas of the Job

  • We have over 20 years of knowledge, and experience in the
    construction industry.

  • Communication is vital, we keep our clients updated and informed

    though the entire process.

  • Punctuation is key, we achieve our goal effectively and
    on time.

  • Every step of the way ,we work closely together with our clients to build trust

    and a long lasting relationship.

  • We work hard to provide effective costing and quality service that puts us ahead of the competition.

  • We maintain a positive attitude towards to hard work.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/oNFie8EX5Y12

Contact:  +285 389 4879 / 21 901 610

Email: wrtconstrucoes@gmail.com

“come to us to serve your needs”

We provide products and service of the highest quality. Our craftsmanship
ensures you receive results of high quality and reliable use, don’t settle
for anything less than the best results. We are grateful for the hard work we receive and enjoy every moment of it.




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