February 3, 2017


electrifasicaElectrifasica Lda

What we do

industrial Industrial electrical equipment, mounted in outdoor cubicle 20170727_153314

We work specifically Electrical assemblies, in high, low and medium voltage.

Electrifasica is a electrical engineering company that does to both commercial and Industrial market with a full service of quality products. Some characteristics which make Electrifasica an excellent electrical engineering company include hard workmanship, good delivery, extreme hours of experience and qualifications, dedicated team, as well as good leadership in health and Safety. Electrifasica are proud and have good attitude towards hard work and delivering a proper service that keeps our clients satisfied. The services provided by Electrifasica are reliable and guaranteed.

At Electrifasica we work with small and large companies and multinationals. With execution of projects in portfolio and realizations of services with specialized labor and high quality electrical materials.



  • Maintenance and industrial automation.
  • Reducing Energy consumption to more Echo Friendly technology.
  • Customized industrial automation system.
  • Customized Industrial distribution boards.
  • Software development with screen creation for supervisors.
  • Critical Security Devices in cement plants, feed, grain storage, margarine, refrigerators,dairy and food industries.



Why use us ?

  • The company counts on qualified professionals that have extreme hours of experience for the development of projects and technical services. Safety planning is carefully worked through employees so that structure and implementation of the work is performed at excellence.

  • We have Experience in the implantation of qualified work teams, based on the necessary competencies for the best performance in the execution of the services.

  •  24/7 Hour Emergency Response service.


  • Contact: +258 21 902 497  / Email: electrifasica@sapo.mz

    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/oNFie8EX5Y12

“come to us to solve your needs”



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